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Humble home and/or flatmate sought. (Beijing)

After 18 months away, I plan to return to Beijing in August. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the open sewer that ‘looking for an apartment’ consists of. It is probably easier and more pleasant to search for a share, or find someone who is leaving and wants to pass on their place. Anyway, here is my blurb: make of it what you will.

I’m a standard middle aged boring male. I lived in China for a few years, but neglected to learn to speak Chinese.

What I do:
• I cook, I cook for people I live with and I have occasional dinner parties
• I drink very frequently, but rarely to excess
• I have occasional sex, with females, and even more infrequently they are ‘random females’: no form of financial exchange is ever involved
• I occasionally smoke, but never tobacco
• I’m an editor and I spend a lot of time working; a lot of that work goes on ‘at home’ during daylight hours. When I am working in the office, it is usually in the evenings, frequently at the weekends, often until midnight or later
• I watch sport on TV
• I use the internet a lot
• In a previous incarnation I was a teacher and I don’t earn much more than a typical teacher now. I have a certain empathy with teaching types. I’d be happy to live with students of any nationality.
• I speak excellent Portuguese and combative French and Spanish
• I intend to learn Chinese this time around
• I clean houses
• I am allergic to cats

If you do not find any of the above offensive, then perhaps you might consider lending my your spare room? Ideally, I want to live within reasonable walking distance of Line 2. I previously lived around Sanlitun and Fangzhuang Bridge. I’d be keen to find somewhere around the SW corner of Line 2, perhaps between Qiamen and Wanshou Park: Somewhere in that neighborhood, but I’m more interested in a comfortable environment and agreeable people than in location.

Likewise, if anyone knows of studio or a small apartment that would suit me, that would be great. I’m not especially keen on ‘new’ buildings, security guards, parking spaces, etc. But I am keen on somewhere nearby that I can drink a beer and get some non-Chinese food in comfort IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER, would be great. (I like Chinese food a lot, I just don’t want to have to eat it all the time). I’d be really keen to find a much loved apartment with plants and decent décor and a pet turtle that wasn’t living in a jam jar, but I know I am dreaming.

Reading this over, it doesn’t give a true impression of how relaxed I am about almost everything. Maybe too relaxed.

Anyway… any thoughts?

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