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Internet Access (Beijing)

Hey, guys!

I wanted to ask about internet access in Beijing. I know that, for me, internet access is a big deal. When I was in Xi'an, I had decent enough, if somewhat slow, internet access. There was also a cafe down the street that had access, and of course Starbucks.

Beijing is a larger and more modern city, and while I'm not going to be getting 3.0 gb downloads like I do at home, what kind of speeds, in your experience, are the norm here? Are we talking dial-up or DSL? Also, are there many internet cafes or other places to get access to wifi?

Mostly, I get on Tumblr and read news articles. There may be some streaming video from Youku or Tudou. I'm not going to be doing the MMOs or the RPGs, probably. Maybe I'll be getting offline games from Steam. Will I suffer muchly in China, and if so, is there a way to alleviate my pain?

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