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Java developers are needed for a full-time job (Beijing)

Job Title: Automation Testing Engineer(Java developers could transfer to this position)
Job Vacancy: 1 person
Work Location: 1st Floor, Gāo lì èrqiān dàshà, No. 5 Shang Di Wu Jie, Haidian District, Beijing

Project Description: (We are a master of the core technology of the automated test team)
This project belongs to financial payment class website automated testing including mobile automation testing, and the team has foreign colleagues and leaders within pure English work environment.

Job Description:
• Develop and maintain test scripts in an automated framework
• Provide accurate estimates for test design and execution work
• Develop/utilize tools and programs to facilitate testing
• Identify testing strategy for legacy applications with little or no documented requirements
• Work on backend layers, such as third-party tools, API, database, etc., to ensure the underlying technical changes comply with software requirements
• Help developers to reproduce defects and highlight potential failure/bottleneck of the application in concerned environment
• Interpret requirements to develop positive and negative test scenarios
• Perform test design reviews and incorporate stakeholder feedback
• Adhere to team priorities and work well in an integrated developer/tester environment

This position requires English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, which needs to communicate with colleagues home and abroad using English; so if candidates with a strong technical capacity are interested in the English environment and dare to speak oral English can have a try; or if java Developers who are willing to switch to automated testing can also try our position with the same English requirements.

Anyone interested pls feel free to contact Protected content

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