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Join Intl. Admissions Video Interview Startup! (Beijing)

Vericant ( helps admissions officers manage their growing Chinese applicant pools with third-party verified video interviews, spoken English evaluation, proctored writing samples, and ID checks.

We are NOT consultants to students, NOR do we help schools decide which Chinese applicants to choose. Beholden only to ourselves, we provide the fastest way for admissions officers to find their top Chinese applicants.

We need the following people to help us continue changing the international/China admissions industry :

•Assessment Manager (Beijing, Z visa)

•Operations Associates (Beijing – multiple openings available, M visa)

•Web Developer (Beijing, Python & Django, Z visa)

•Interviewers (part-time work in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen/Guangzhou, 
multiple openings available)

•English Language Raters (part-time remote work, 
multiple openings available)

***Please visit for more info about Vericant, our opportunities, and application instructions!***


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