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Latest on Car Registration (Beijing)

Hello, We are making the move from ZhuHai, GuangDongup to BeiJing next month, finally.
What I need to know is, what is the current car situation? How much trouble is it going to be to get and register a car?
We will initially be in ShunYi District for the first year while our house in Eastern ChangPing Disrict is being completed. That places just north of the 6th Ring Road.
The wife has a car and Driver supplied by her company there. But for me I will need wheels.
In September I will be driving her previous car an Audi Q5 from ChongQing up to BeiJing with a friend. Once we arrive however I need to look into re-registering it in BJ. Otherwise I understand there will be restrictions as to where and when that one can be driven. Anyone know exactly what those restrictions might be? I heard they will be difficult.

Please, if anyone can fill me in on the whole BJ car situation I would appreciate it.


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