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Lend your Leg 2012 (Beijing)

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International Day for mine awareness

What is Lend Your Leg?
Long after wars are waged some weapons remain a lurking threat to civilians in the peacetime that follows. Landmines are indiscriminate weapons that wait underground for years and sometimes decades maiming and killing children, farmers and everyday citizens who happen upon them. In Protected content were 4,200 victims of landmine’s devastating effects-11 people a day.

Last year, in Colombia, a small group of motivated citizens rolled up their pant leg in a symbolic gesture of solidarity with landmine survivors across the globe that have lost limbs to this deadly device. What began as a grassroots campaign to raise awareness of this ongoing humanitarian crisis soon spread via social media and gained support from celebrity endorsements, NGO’s and government officials including Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos. On April 4th, the U.N.’s International Day for Mine Awareness, private companies unveiled billboards of their logos “rolled up” in support of the cause while students, teachers, workers and professionals of every stripe rolled up their pant leg in what became a national phenomenon to declare to the world, NO MORE LANDMINES!

This year, the Lend Your Leg campaign is going global and we are asking you to do your part to bring awareness to this man-made crisis. The International Campaign to Ban Landmines and the United Nations Mine Action Service are partnering with Fundación Arcangeles to mobilize the hundreds of organizations in at least Protected content to “Lend their Leg.” The mission is simple - on April 4, Protected content are asking private companies, celebrities and politicians to join the everyday citizens around the world who will be rolling up their pant leg to stand with survivors and declare with one voice NO MORE LANDMINES.

Together we urge the remaining 37 countries, including the United States, who have not yet acceded to the Protected content Ban Treaty to do so immediately and bring forth a mine-free world.

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