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Looking for Boyfriend (Beijing)

I AM , a chinese girl, unfortuantely have to put myself in a postion to write a lovely BIO in order to get in touch with suitble matchs.

I AM, an office lady so do not have any single man resources. WHY? there are 2/3 male employees in my company right now are married and left of them are undiscoverd)

I AM, fun, smart, tall.... aww, it's really hard for a person to write herself how wonderful / not good she is, so i'll just cut it off in here. (Any one interested can find out later on )

I AM, SO do not want to throw an AD here, but another side, I guess it's a dualism thing give all its explians.

I AM, actually just starting to enjoy a time without have been sleept deeply in a drama but meanwhile starting to looking for instead of waitting for, that is why I wrote this.

I THINK, it's not all but all I want to say it's already get to the point at some point,

I WILL BE, happy to hear from you.

i guess, this thread is all on until the "white horse" come, it's hard 4 me to say but it's not a joking post..

If YOU ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR GIRLFRIEND, PLS feel free to contact with me at Protected content , so it will be not looks like a mess over InterNations forum, ( think i got that power)

Hope to see you.... !

Linda the little sunshine

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