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Looking for marketing or related job in Beijing


I lived in Beijing for three years until July Protected content , but moved back to the US to transition into the design/marketing industry. Now, I'm doing marketing, design, PR, communications, social media & web management for a non-profit school here in the US.

I love my job now and they'd like to see me stay on, but I'm planning on moving back to Beijing in August to live with my BF of 6 years. I'm looking for a job in marketing or a related field. Proofreading, copywriting and research are also skill sets I have experience with. I would love to continue in a non-profit venue or a donor foundation, but am open to other businesses.

Job searching for professional marketing jobs or jobs in related industries is difficult from abroad, as much of the job pool in Beijing is not online. Does anyone have any suggestions, or know of non-profits in the area I can look into? My preliminary research thus far has turned up only a few, but I'm sure there must be others. I'll be visiting Beijing in late March to see my BF, do some interviews and more intensive job searching if nothing has turned up by then. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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