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Looking for Sales Guru (Beijing)

About Eggplant Digital:

Eggplant Digital is a website design and development company founded in Beijing. Our goal is to help customers in the digital marketing field strengthen their innovation ability and maintain business and core competition in public relations in order to expand their customer base. In return, these B2B customers provide interactive media-related applications.
Eggplant Digital helps our clients strengthen the public relations 'numerical superiority’ by providing customers with comprehensive, long-term website development and design services. Website design and development have become necessary in helping customers receive attention in their specific industry. We enable customers to enjoy professional network services and help them develop using the target market information dissemination way of innovation.
The Eggplant Digital service has been successful with many well-known brands in China and abroad.
We are interested in hiring candidates who are creative, intuitive, hard-working and fun to work with. Candidates should also have a strong sense of responsibility and be willing to take on new challenges. If you fit this profile and are looking to work in a constructive and innovative environment, see if either of the two openings Eggplant Digital currently has available match what you are looking for and apply today. Protected content

2-Sales Guru

Eggplant Digital is looking for a dedicated and charismatic Sales Associate who will be responsible for communicating to and finding new, interesting clients for Eggplant Digital to work with.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Enterprise website product or service, website management and maintenance, optimization, website promotion and search engine optimization

2. Be able to communicate well with both old and new customers in order to develop new customer relationships and maintain old customers.

3. Able to successfully use network marketing to promote the company’s products.
4. Be responsible for the company's website and e-commerce platform for information dissemination and maintenance products.

5. Understand and collect network of the person with the same trade and competitive products dynamic information through the network of channel and business development.

6. Actively expand customer development, maintenance, tracking, feedback of customer demand, and coordination. Also deal with customer feedback according to the schedule and procedure for product promotion activities.

7. Be responsible for the company's product network marketing work. Collect, research and analyze the needs of users and expand customer resources.

8. Be responsible for developing the network brand development strategy, brand building and market research work.

9. Be responsible for the customer complaint records, assist the relevant departments to handle and form the working report/plan.

10. Improve the sales process and sales planning activities.

11. Be responsible for organizing the network of business promotion and marketing work.

12. Be responsible for organizing the customer service, after-sales service support, and the service effect evaluation.
Position Requirements:
1. Marketing or business management major university degree or above. Be able to master certain marketing management theory.

2. Have a keen insight into the market and creative thinking ability.

3. Have a strong sense of responsibility, loyalty, and firm and indomitable perseverance and patience.

4. Have decisive decision-making abilities, good communication skills and coordination capability.

5. Engaged in sales management with more than 2 years of experience and more than 1 year of site operation sales experience.

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