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Make money from booking flights, hotels etc  (Beijing)


How I started:
I have always travelled a lot for work and for pleasure. I used travel agents, websites. Then one day I was invited to the firefly program. At that time I travelled a lot with my company and I got money from my boss to use it with Firefly. I started buying flights and hotels through their website. Next thing I knew I had lots of discounts and perks that come with it.
Then one day my boss asked me about it and he sign up the whole company for it. Then there were another companies, family and friends. Good news travelled fast and people wanted to join because they saw sleeping in a 5 star hotel instead of some 2 star one. Like I said before everyone travels and when people see that you travel in style they ask you themselves how do you do it?
Now I have a nice and growing income from it and I am very happy.

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