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Making a difference in BUPT!!!Waiting for you! (Beijing)

An english corner is about to take place in BUPT--Beijing University of Post and Tele-communication~

I,am now putting up an invitation to you guys~representing all those who have an international mind and the great interest in english and foreign culture studying and living in BUPT.

Ideas worth spreading!Communications contribute to harmonies and inspirations~We should hold the faith that though living as ordinary individual,every deed we do indeed make a difference!Who can't say smiling to a stranger in the streets doesn't change the future?!

For us college students,the free talking serves to make us more open-minded.For those who are deep in love to their brilliant life,they can enjoy themselves in a relaxing and delighting atmosphere,and change the world by spreading their positive attitude and great passion,deep love towards life,or just what they have experienced living through years,anything they like.

In China,the college students no doubt will play an important role in the future all through the way China rises.There is a possibility that your presence here may have positive effects on us when we face choices to be make,which is fatal to our futural life.

We sincerely expect your coming,and really appreciate your presence.

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SPONSOR---English club of BUPT(a student league,and I was assigned to invite friendly foreign friends)
DATE---not decided
SUBJECT---not decided yet,but most possibly decided by you
ADDRESS---Branch campus of BUPT(北京市 昌平区 北七家镇郑各庄村 北京邮电大学宏福校区)
TO GET HERE----May you please check the Baidu Map or google Map,or contact me and i will be more than pleased to help.

The English corner will be held persistently.The next one in this semester,up to THREE dear international friends speaking english are expected to join us,better from ENGLISH-SPOKEN COUNTRY.

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As WE DON'T AIM IT FOR PROFIT-MAKING,except the transportation fee and a free meal(or maybe we will offer an allowance covering one meal and transportation fee),we will not offer any other payment.To make it relaxing and enjoyable for everyone,ANY FORM OF COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY AND ADVERTISING IS NOT ACCEPTED.

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Since have no ideas about you guys whether use "Weixin" more often,I will leave both my weixin account and a Skype one along with my cell-phone number(message is more acceptable) below.
Cell-phone: Protected content Protected content available and all belongs to me)
My name:Chen Peilin(陈培林 in chinese),english name ---Parine Chen

----- Protected content can contact me by ways mentioned above,OR JUST ASK ME DIRECTLY HERE ON LINE,I will log in several times a day to check out and answer.

At last,again,it's our great honor to have you in BUPT sharing your precious ideas about life,work,traveling and anything you like,we sincerely expect your coming.

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