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mental health, peer support group in Beijing

hey guys,
i have been meaning to set up a mental health group in beijing for months now.
for years, i have seen so many people including myself especially, that go through anxiety, depression, stress, but there's just not enough support here.
well, of course, there's social stigma attaching to it especially for depression. it just leave so many people suffer alone, while this medical condition, really just needs attention, and gentle care.
I am posting to see your comments on how to make it happen, giving its obvious challenges that many are not even at the stage of self-acceptance and reaching out.
so here is my question:
what's the best way to inform ppl and get ppl to come together?
here are some of my thoughts that i have already planed to do:
posters and brochures in bars/cafe
wechat platform
online platforms like this

any other thoughts on the approaches and methods?

with care,

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