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Moving to Beijing



My family and I are movign to Beijing with my job next spring. I have so many quesitons/concerns. I have 3 small children so most of them relate to them! I have a 2.5 yo, 5 yo and 8 yo. I am obviously worried about the air pollution. I am wondering first is indoor air actually "safe" if you have the proper air filters? Do you need air filters in your car as well? Anone else have small children that have developed asthma or other respiratory issues? Do the face masks do any good?

Another concern is traffic. I am worrieed about car accidents and even just crossing the street. Any suggestions for how to keep them as safe as possible? We are planning to live in Shunyi where I believe the traffic is a little less congested, but we will be traveling quite a bit into the city.

WIth my job I am also goign to be doing a lot of travel all over China. Is air travel/train travel safe? Is one better than the other? I am not a fan of flying so am considering taking the high speed trains when I can. Is this an ok alternative to flyign in China?

Lastly (for now!) food and water safety. Are there enough options available for my kids especially to eat fruits/veggies and other foods that are safe? Where are some ideal places to shop for fresh produce in Shunyi?

ANy comments/help are appreciated. Even with all the worries, we are very excited ot move to such an exciting new place with so much history and culture!

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