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moving to beijing jan 1st (Beijing)

i just wanted to make some contacts before i move to beijing jan 6th .

Super excited to be starting to work at disney english ! Should be fun im saving up at least Protected content of living so i can live comfortably in beijing if anyone is a teacher what are the months you dont get paid and holidays that are unpaid so i know how to plan . i fo have a friend working in japan and another one in korea so i can plan to visit them during m time off

does anyone have any suggestiosn for meon what i should bring over likebest cell phone company i was thinkking of being a samsung Protected content and have it unlocked so i can have a cell phone

should ibring my xbox and have it modded for imported games or should i just but iy over there Protected content

Who is up for getting a beer or Protected content and show me around

. im laid back and just want to meet soe peeps over in china !!!

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