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My acupuncture experience - true horror! (Beijing)


Friends, just want to tell you my story and to say: BE CAREFUL!

I got sick (horrible pain in stomach) and went to SOS to visit a doctor. Paying around Protected content I got a reply: 'I am not sure what you have...". After one week taking a medecin I did not feel better and decided to go to acupuncture clinic suggested by my friend.

I had needles in my head, belly, legs... After we finished the treatment I left the place.

Outside I started to feel dizzy... called my friend to pick me up because I started to loose MY VISION AND HEARING!

So I was totally blind on the street and did not know what to do!! The acupuncture doctor came out to bring me back to his place.

After 5 min. I started to feel better. He gave me some food, water...and some medicine.

After I came back home, I realized I have pain in my belly, so I could not even walk and had to stay whole evening in the bed.

My friend called the doctor and he said that my body is fighting with the illness in this way..

Well I do not know if it is true or not...but I will never let them put any needles in my belly or head:)

P.S. Also they put some needles in my legs to treat another thing and it really helped me lol

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