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Hi dears, we are looking for some responsible person to take care about our friend in Minicipal Hospital East Campus for one week. He only needs to be supported by some food. He comes from Czech republic and works for Skoda Plzen. He has came just for few days for business and collapsed suddenly and was for few days in dengerous of life. He is not able to move back to his country at this moment. My husband takes care of him for two weeks already and as we have 3 kids and Christmas are comming I would be happy to have my husband back home for some days. He can come back 25th if it's needed. We live and work in Suzhou. We are going to pay in cash. His insurance company pays all hospital fee but they are not able to solve problem of personal care about this person at all and his family is still waiting for visa. Thank you in advance for shering, any helpfull idea or help. You can call me anytime: Protected content

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