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New To Beijing - Questions

Hi all, thanks again for all your warm welcomes and offers of help. Thank you! I have a few questions that are bothering me right now and I was wondering if you would answer them:

1. iPhone: I newly purchase a iPhone 4, how do I get it working in China? Cell service and Internet access will be needed.
2. Do I need an adaptor for my electronics that I'm bringing from the States?
3. I've heard about the subway situation in Beijing, can anyone be a little bit more specific about it so I can be prepared?
4. What's the weather like in this time of the year?

Thank you!

A note about leaving the US and heading to Beijing - excited and feeling a little bit anxious. I pretty much got rid of everything I ever owned and that says anything about me in New York. In the meantime, I really look forward to Beijing and hope to make some new friends in China.

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