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Normal mood after coming back from home country? (Beijing)

Dear all,

I came to Beijing about half a year ago. I like my job, I have a good apartment in a good area, I felt comfortable, had a good time, didn’t miss anything than my family and friends in Germany from time to time.

In November I had to travel to Germany due to business affairs and I added some holidays to meet family and friends. It was a good time and I was also looking forward to come back to BJ.

Now, since I’m back, I have a strange sad feeling living in BJ. For the first time I feel lonely and like an alien. I also wonder how I can stand it here with no family and rare friends around. How can I stand the traffic, the pollution, the slow internet, shortage of good quality western food in shops etc?

I just try to reflect on where this change of feeling came from and I wondered if anybody else made this experience when traveling back to his or her home country the first time? Would be good to hear that this is a normal expat disease.

Best regards,

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