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Paid internships in Beijing


Hi there!

I am new on this forum (thanks to Julie :) but not new in Beijing. My current work pays well and I cannot complain but the only thing is that I am bored of it to be quite frank with you. To sum it up: I am the white guy of the company and I know some people might get envious but I do not see myself carry on like this after I renew my work visa in September. Maybe an exit before the visa renewal if possible so that I can arrange the new Z visa with a new company.

To cut short, I would like to find either a new job or a paid internship (cannot afford to be unpaid) in a PR company, communication company or any other job in which I can make use of my 10 years of working experience in the hospitality, the four languages I speak and my experience as teacher (languages) and office worker(general).

Any information is the most appreciated as for me, I am already on the outlook for opportunities and, or though it is not easy, God bless I will succeed (maybe partly because of you).

Ok, that's it from me and I wish you a lot of happy and searing days in the sun if you like that kind of things. As for me, I work in an underground office (bunker style) so I really do have the opportunity to enjoy it. That maybe an other good reason to get out of here.

Bye for now,


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