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Part-time HR Assistant (Beijing)

As an Internet-based entrepreneurial think-tank, we encourage sharing and open communication. We sincerely invite talented people from different countries and cultures to join us and bring your wisdom, enthusiasm and creativity.
If you have made achievements in international relations, international economy and trade, politicsl, security and other fields, or you have wide and in-depth connections in related fields, then you can spend your spare time as our part-time policy analyst or consultants to obtain abundant economic returns.

Part-time HR Assistant
1.Cooperate with HR supervisor to complete the recruitment of company's expert or analyst team.
2.Post recruitment information on major recruitment websites or media outlets in the United States and give feedback to recruiters timely.
3.Perform an online or telephone interview with relevant candidates and report interview results to the supervisor
4.Conduct weekly reports on the progress and achievements of the week
1.Working in Beijing, with flexible working hours
2.Major in human resources, management, political science, international relations and other related professional areas preferred
3.Familiar with the operating process of main recruitment websites of the United States and European countries
4.Strong sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit, with good written and verbal communication and expression abilities
5.Fluency in English speaking, having Chinese communication skills preferred.
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