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Passport and visa (Beijing)

Dear all

I am currently in the process of renewing my British passport. I sent it back to UK at the start of last month and they said it should take 4 weeks but it hasn't arrived back yet in Beijing. This is proving to be a minor concern for me because my visa will expire on 18th June. I currently hold a working 'Z' visa on my current passport.

The issue for me, naturally is that if my new passport doesn't arrive in time, I may be unable to renew my visa. Is there anyone with information regarding this issue or who has gone through a similar situation?

If the worst case scenario were to happen, and my passport didn't arrive back in time, what would my options be? I'm wondering if I would need to leave back to UK and renew it from there return to China, or would I be able to travel to Hong Kong? Unfortunately, the British Embassy here in Beijing seems unable to answer these questions so this is why I've posted on here!

Also, would I be able to travel on my current passport or wait for the new one to arrive. My current passport is still valid until August.

I appreciate all and any information or help related!

Many thanks


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