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Professional Dog Training (Beijing)

~Doggy Thoughts~ Canine Psychology for Big Dog, Small Dog, or Puppy

In Home Private Dog Training ~ I CAN TRAIN ANY DOG ~ UNLIMITED LIFETIME PHONE AND EMAIL SUPPORT!!! Protected content

In-Home Private Dog Training is the most effective and fastest way to train your dog. I come to you, RIGHT WHERE THE PROBLEMS ARE, AT HOME!.... Group Classes can not help with problems AT HOME!! If you are in the Greater Beijing area I can come to your home. Call for a FREE Evaluation. My goal is to teach both you and your dog. I want to know that the dog will work as effectively for you as he or she does for me the Professional Trainer/Behaviorist. The REAL WORLD and where problems happen are not in the "park," not in or outside of the "pet store." DOGS LEARN WHERE THEY ARE TRAINED....At HOME!!!

Just a Few Areas I Can Help:
Potty Training
Not Listening
Jumping Up On People
Defecating Everywhere
Digging & Chewing
Jumping On Furniture
Pulling On The Leash
Bolting Out Doors
Running Away
Stealing Things
Scratching doors
Begging & Whining
Growling & Snapping
Hating Other Dogs
Mounting Crotch Sniffing
Behaving In The Car
Separation Anxiety
Excessive Barking
Fearfulness & Shyness
Chasing Kids, Cars & Cats
I also do basic Obedience training: sit, lay-down, stay, come, walking on and off leash.

The "real cause" of unwanted behaviors has very little to do with the dogs' age, breed, size, intelligence, history, or even personality, but has everything to do with the “human element.” Sincerely understanding dogs and knowing how to control and motivate them, develop their potentials, resolve behavior problems, emotional conflicts and frustrations are no less essential than love and respect. If you're prepared to open your mind and change as much as you want your dog to change, then I look forward to working with the both of you.

Dennis Schenk CDBC/CPDT,
CEO- Doggy Thoughts
International Canine Professionals
Phone: Protected content

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