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Recommendation | “Travel to Grow” National Holiday (Beijing)

To live a fulfilled life, one must be mentally healthy. Our mental resilience is essential to our holistic wellbeing, especially when “life” hits hard. We all go through hard times, whether we are rich or poor, smart or average, married or not. For people without enough reserves to approach them skillfully, those hard times become manifested as depression, while others go through it with the faith that it will pass.

If you’ve read our Classroom web page, you'll understand that Psychological Factors play a vital role in mental health. “Mental Filter”, “Over-generalization”, “Emotional reasoning”, “Labeling”, and etc all have a high co-relation with mental disorders.
Throughout the 2 years, we’ve been working to raise awareness, we’ve been promoting “mindfulness” as a foundation practice to fill up your tank of resilience.
“I struggled to make it a regular practice in life for years until I went to Thailand just for mindfulness. Sometimes, you have to take yourself out of your routine to welcome a new habit ”Xiaojie said. “It turned out to be my turning point in life”

For those of you who are preparing yourself for greater quality of life, we recommend you to join our National Holiday Thailand Mindfulness Trip (Travel to Grow) hosted by Lean in MBA (remark: this is not a CandleX event). Invited by their founder Curr, Xiaojie will facilitate this 8-day trip for Mind Detox, mindfulness practice, and self-development in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
To grow, we need to plan, commit and get ready for hard work. It works miracles when you devote yourself to an intensive self-development program starting from getting to know yourself. We want to make that happen for you by offering you this opportunity Chiang Mai Thailand.
Every morning, you’ll wake up early for yoga practice.
Every day, you’ll discover something new about yourself through our daily workshops that are tailored to open our hearts, heal our wounds and receive tools to deal with difficult emotions.
Every night, you’ll go to bed with love and kindness meditation practice.
For more details and registration, please add Wechat ID candlex2015

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