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recommending a good cleaning lady-shuangjing area (Beijing)

Our current ayi is looking for more work. We use her 3 times a week and she is very honest, slightly timid, but always trying to please. From a small village in northeastern area, she is not professionally trained, but she does organize things well, clean fast and eager to follow instructions. I chose her after trying a few sent from agencies or found through ad.

My husband works as an administrator at the BCIS international school. We prefer not to be home while our ayi is here. So for me, trust is most important, so if you need someone to be there when you are not home, she would be the right choice(of course when you are home, it is fine too). She lives with her sister, who has a business here in the Shuangjing area. And she is devoted to her teenage son. She is always open to learning doing things your way.

She comes to us 3 times a week and 2 hours each, her pay is 550; rates have gone up this year, so I think the current equivalent would be about Protected content same amount of hours. we didn't monitor her for the specific,as long as the work is done, and we can come home to a clean and well organized apartment. She currently has other work in the evening but her day is open. She would like to look for jobs that are not far from around here. So she can bike or walk easily. She is open to a regular monthly arrangement or just pay her on an hourly basis. I think the current rate is 15 to 20 rmb.

She doesnot speak English, so if you do speak some Chinese, send me a message, so I can email you her number directly; if not, email me of your requirement and i will relay the messages. Protected content or text me(no calls please, I am abroad at the moment Protected content

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