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Registering at the police station when you arrive (Beijing)

My roommate needs to register at the police station for a residency permit. She and I were both registered by the school we worked for and had our residency permits when we arrived in the China the first time. Our residency permits have expired and we have left and re-entered the country after the christmas holiday. She has a tourist visa and I have a work visa. I continued to work with the school and she has not. Since we returned to china, my registration was done by the school. She still has to register for her residency permit. Our apartment is in my name and according to the info I have looked up, I have to be with her when she goes to the police station. I do not have my passport on me bc it is being used in the process of my work visa re-newel. She has been hired by another school. I suggested she ask them to take her to the police station to register for the residence permit. Would I have to go with her?

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