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Remote internet access to Europe/US (Beijing)

Hi all,

I've just moved to Beijing from the UK to help set up a new office for my company, based in London. My colleague and I are currently using a shared 5MB internet connection which we use to connect remotely to the UK (via a system called Citrix). However, we've found that the connection is incredibly slow and there are times when it is so bad that we can't do any work.

We're thinking about setting up our own private 4MB connection, which we hope would improve our connection to the UK. We want to check whether this would actually have any effect on the speed of the connection. It is also quite expensive.

Can anyone who works for a small western company offer any advice on how they connect remotely? We can't be the first western company that has had this problem. We would really appreciate any help as we're really desperate to fix this. Sorry if this isn't really the right place to post this.



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