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Russian business visa in Beijing

Hi everyone,

I'm a French & British citizen, currently living in Beijing (no residence permit though).
Considering 2 trips to Russia within a 90-day period, so applying for a business visa seems like a reasonable option.

A few questions for Those Who Know:

• Any idea of the normal consular fees for a business visa here? Both for a French and a British passport.
(I've found that page ( Protected content ), but I'm not sure whether the prices quoted are also valid for biz visas)

• My current Chinese visa is on my UK passport. Would it be a problem if my Russian visa is on my French passport?

• The embassy's website clearly states that the consular fees will not be refunded in case my application is rejected. Given that should be a lot of money, does everyone confirm it's OK to apply here despite the fact that I don't have a residence permit?


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