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Says Mid-Autumn (Beijing)

话说中秋Says Mid-Autumn Day-关于中秋节我们有很多故事,也有很多庆祝方式。About Mid-Autumn, there are a lot fairies and celebrations. 最有名的就是嫦娥奔月的,这是为什么月饼上总是有各种美丽的嫦娥图案,也是为什么我们的太空飞船叫“嫦娥一号”。The most popular fairy is Chang'e flying to the moon,which is why there are always a beautiful Chang'e on moon-cakes. And why we called our spaceship "Chang'e No.1". 庆祝方式也很多,大家最熟悉的就是吃月饼赏月亮了。The traditional celebrations are many, but the most famouse are eating moon cakes and enjoying the full moon.
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