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Seeking Male Roommate in Shuangjing Pingod 4290RMB (Beijing)

***Check out for more info and contact***

This is a great apartment and i've really enjoyed living here over the past year and a half.

The pics speak for themselves. I'm leaving the country and need to find someone for my male roommate. If you like the place and you two agree the apartment is yours.

Available asap

10 minute walk to ShuangJing subway station 6 minute walk to Carrefour 15 minute walk to guomao lot's of places to eat nearby including western 2 bedrooms (one in picture available) 2 levels.

Rooms upstairs and living area downstairs 1.5 bathroom (full bathroom upstairs. half bathroom downstairs with a nice front load washer) full enclosed shower (not the kind where the shower and bathroom are the same and everything gets wet) open layout with kitchen and large windows nice large courtyard for jogging or walking

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