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Sharing our Experience with Fred-Mover (Beijing)

Hi, I take the opportunity to warn the community about a service called Fred-Mover.

I highly recommend to STAY AWAY from Fred Mover. He stole Protected content without giving any service, Fred completely ghosted us after multiple lies and insults. Fred is very nice and convincing at first, but all the good manners disappear and the attitude changes immediately once the bill is paid. DO NOT TRUST him with your goods, if something goes wrong you can be sure that he will disappear, lie and insult you.

Here is the full story:

The company was supposed to pickup my belongings, and without notice they hired a third party service to handle the job (Huolala) and used my phone number as the contact person.

Even we had given clear information to Fred, nothing was passed on to the Huolala driver. The driver called me and had no idea about where he was supposed to come and what things needed to be picked up.

As my phone number was the only contact info he got, I had to deal with it in Chinese all by myself. Once he finally reached my place, the guards of the residence asked for an exit certificate. Facing these troubles, we reached out to Fred. Instead of answering, Fred simply cancelled the driver on the Huolala app without letting anyone know. The driver was left without payment even though he had driven to the residence and gone through so many troubles already. I had no idea why Fred canceled, I wasn't informed, Fred wasn't answering, yet I had to deal with the understandably angry driver, and he only had my contact info...

After leaving us to deal with such crisis, Fred ghosted us, he didn't answer messages and calls for more than 6 hours. He later explained without apology that he was "busy loading a container", he offered to reschedule another pickup. We had lost trust in his professionalism, so naturally we asked for the refund of our deposit Protected content - as we knew the driver didn't get paid. Fred then disappeared for another 3 days. The next time, we insisted again on a refund, to date he is still filtering our calls and not answering any message. Needless to say we didn't get any refund.

Stay away from such people. They care very little about the trouble they can cause to others. When they themselves face trouble, they run away or hide. They have no sense of shame.

Your deposit is worth more than their dignity and reputation together, so they won't hesitate taking it from you. For them, scamming Protected content now is far better than hoping that honesty will bring more clients in the future.

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