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O'le Ski are looking for part-time ski and snowboard instructors to join our team! You will be based in your current home in Beijing, and will come with us when we take customers out to the mountains, near and far, on exciting trips of varying lengths. Working days are very flexible, we will add you to our list of instructors and call you when we have a trip. The season is November to late March. You can do this alongside another occupation. We ideally prefer people who have real instructing qualifications from abroad or have done instructor training courses. Under certain circumstances if you are unqualified but a good skier and committed to working long-term, we may be willing to train you as an instructor using a European instructing system. If you possess enough other skills and are interested in working full-time in the company across areas such as marketing and trip organisation, please indicate on your application. To apply, please first send a simple email with your ski or snowboard experience and/or training and your availability, to Protected content . If we are interested, we will be in touch to request further information. See you on the slopes! Protected content

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