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Slingbox (Beijing)


As many of us might already know, there isn't cable tv in beijing. Unless it is provided by the apartment (with very limited choices as in my apt) or you have satellite dish, you won't have those foreign channels @ home. Aside from its expensive price, the satellite dish also requires acces to specific direction (south) and i heard that it's not fully legal.

Yesterday I went to one of my friend's house and just found out about slingbox. He installed slingbox @ his house in europe, connected it to his tv in beijing using internet connection and then he can watch ALL channels from his tv cable in europe. It's just perfect and cost only around $250. So, does anybody know where can i buy slingbox in here ? The one with the english manual ? I plan to install one in europe and one in my country since it's much cheaper than satellite dish and has no legal issue :-)

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