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Student Hoping to Live and Work in China (Beijing)

Hello! My name is Krystina, and I am new to this forum.

I’m currently a high school senior who is extremely interested in living and working in China. The thing is, I have no idea what the best path would be (education and career wise) for me to reach this goal. I would really like some advice, based on your experiences and the people you have met, on what majors/careers are good for eventually working and living in China? What opportunities lead people to working and living in China?

I plan on completing my Bachelors and Masters degrees in the states, but would it be better for me to attend part of my schooling in China? Would an exchange year abroad be beneficial?

On the topic of what I want to study and pursue as a career, I am really open to almost everything. I know a lot of foreigners living in China are teachers, but I honestly can't see myself going down that path. I would really like some advice (or if anyone would be comfortable sharing their personal story of what they studied and what allowed them to work in China) on this subject.

I’m actually Chinese American (born in Beijing, but only lived for two years), so I do speak Chinese fluently. I visit China every other year or so, but since I have basically lived in the states all my life, and now that I have changed to American citizenship, I suppose I would still be considered a foreigner when it comes to working and living in China.

Sorry for the long list of questions - I really can’t find much information on this, and it would be so helpful hearing from someone with first hand experience. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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