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tablet computer & mobile hotspots (Beijing)

A] I'm not that techie so I'm asking for help! I want to buy a tablet in Beijing. I speak enough Chinese so buying one is not the issue. The issue is I'm wondering if a Chinese tablet will work in the States. Are there features I should be looking for? Is there a product that is versatile? I tend to drop things so I feel more comfortable buying on the cheap end but need to balance that with usability. I want to use it as a replacement for my laptop while traveling in rural China & on trips to the US.

B] I think a mobile hotspot would be very handy here in China to use with my new tablet. Yes, no? I figure my buddies that visit me can log onto the service as we tour the country, too. Are short term contracts available? My buddy is coming in September. A one month service plan should cover us on our forays. Most of the time in Beijing, I'm good as far as connectivity goes.

Many thanks! Sorry for my techie ignorance...

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