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the Beijing Improv Interactive Arts Festival

With a weekend packed with workshops, the Beijing Improv Interactive Arts Festival is an unmissable chance to have fun and challenge yourself!

Check out the full schedule and reserve your spot in your favourite workshops at
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Love Art? Check out...

The interactive art installation: The Piano.
The photography workshop, where you can get great tips on capturing the beauty of Beijing hutongs.
Or, come have fun with Electric Shadows, where Participants will scratch, tear, paint, distort and otherwise destroy vintage film strips to create a unique art installation.
And for the kids...

The young and young at heart will love playing with shapes and colours in the interactive art installation, Shadow play, where your movement is captured by vibrant multicolour shadows.
喜欢艺术品么? 可以看看...

互动型艺术品: 琴音之内
摄影工作坊, 学学一些摄影的诀窍,拍出北京胡同的魅力.
与Electric Shadows一起,用旧胶卷做出独一无二的艺术品.

Love Dance? Check out...

The Backlit Dance workshop- this New Zealand dance troupe will teach your to explore the space within and around your body.
The LDTX improvised dance workshop- experience modern dance with Beijing's premiere dance company.
The Capoeira performance- see this Brazilian trend sweeping the globe. A unique martial art which encompasses dance, acrobatic and music elements.
And for the kids...

Try the Capoeira children's workshop, or learn about using your body on stage with Beijing Jugglers.
喜欢舞蹈么? 可以看看...

Backlit Dance 工作坊- 来自新西兰的舞蹈团教您怎样用肢体去探索周围的空间.
Capoeira 表演- 源自巴西,风靡全球的Capoeira舞:武术,舞蹈,与体操的完美结合.

Love Language? Check out...

Improvising with Shakespeare! This special workshop is held at the Bookworm in Sanlitun.
If you speak Spanish, check out the Spanish improv workshop.
And don't forget the shows from Impro Pekin (French) and the bilingual and Chinese shows!
And for the kids...

Play with words and learn to find the poetry in things you love at the children's poetry workshops.

即兴莎士比亚! 这个特殊的英文工作坊在三里屯的老书虫酒吧举行。

Love making things? Check out...

The improvised cooking workshop, held at The Hutong.
Arty improv, where you can bring some old clothing or shoes, and jazz them with up fabric paint.
And for the kids

Make a theatrical mask at the children's Mask-making workshop, or try the Sculpting and Modelling workshop.

在The Hutong举行的即兴厨艺工作坊.
Arty improv 工作坊,将您的旧衣服或者鞋子带来,用布艺颜料令它们焕然一新!

Some of the workshops are drop-in, but many of them are limited space, so make sure you don't miss out. Reserve your place now!

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