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The First Bicycle City Quest in Beijing, May 29th


Dear friends,
I am happy to invite you to The First Bicycle City Quest In Beijing. The Quest brings the game into the real life! If you are tired of your work, of Sanlitun people, of wasting your time for TV and computer games, please join our game!

The game description:

To play the game you need:
- a team Protected content single player (we will make a team for you)
- bicycles,
- phones,
- laptop.
The captain of the each team will get an envelope with the mission you have to complite. To complite the mission you need to do some funny tasks, find hidden locations, collect the codes. After you complited the mission you go to the next level. Overall we have 6 levels.

To win the game you need to finish all the tasks, complite all the missions and come first to the finish line! Note, you can use only your bikes to get to the finish line!

The winner will get a money prize!

The start point: Dongzhimen subway, exit D.

Time: 10 am

The fee: 100RMB per person.

Please, sign up at leaset 2 days in advance.

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