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Transformer/generator manufacturers (Beijing)

Hello everyone, as some of you know I work for a Nigerian rep. Company here in Beijing and I dont know if you know if anyone here knows any manufacturers in the power generation/transmission sector? I have a client who is interested in building a complete transformer assembly line in the first instance and that of generators subsequently,all in Nigeria. I have detailed specifications and so i can furnish said as soon as i get any positive feedback . Everything is to be imported from elsewhere ,preferably China and assembled in Nigeria
My clients want to start with the transformers this year and differ that of Generators to probably the second quarter of next year. It would be great if anyone knows any GOOD manufacturers who want or are willing to go to my country on this venture. I welcome any advice and my client is willing to come to China within the month to see if this can be done. It should be noted that this is more of a 'technology transfer' on behalf of the manufacturer as my client has funds ready for the project. Thank you and best of wishes.

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