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TURNING 40 IN BEING not planned arrgggh (Beijing)

hey ladies in Beijing. appears that my business trip in China will be extended and i will be turning 40 here...far away from family and is what is is and all i want is to look totally fabulous for that night and to make the best out of it.
My perner might be coming just for the bday, so what i would appreciate answers on is:

1) the best place for a romantic dinner, great food, great atmosphere...something special...i was thinking Lama temple restaurant, but if any of you have better suggestions they would be welcome.
2) where should we go part afterwards? good music, not to much of a young crowd, fun where you can dance with your shoes off.
3) a reliable great place where to do my highlight - very good hairdresser products used
4) and orry for this silly one but any reliable botox/fillers place in touw?

any help on the above would be super appreciated.
Oh one more things...were is the best place to buy chinese/japanese local fashion designers? i love the cottons and the silks and and the funky cuts...i g=found some cool stuff a 789, but what about elsewhere? would really appreciate some tips.

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