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Very tough TaiCh - Anybody interested? (Beijing)

After seeing about 20 different TaiChi groups I chose to practice with a master that teaches a totally different style that I still haven´t seen anywhere else. This is not the so-well-known TaiChi 24 that is practiced mostly by elder people. This one is really tough, and requires amazing resistance on both legs and balance. Classes are from Monday through Sunday, from 7 am to 11 am at the Ritan Park. I´m going everyday. I´m also studying Mandarin, but still can´t speak well at all. At the moment I´m the only Westerner in the class. Chinese are extremely nice people, but in a way I also feel a bit lonely, since I can hardly speak to anybody there. So, I´m looking for people interested in practicing a really tough TaiChi style. Apparently the master is the direct line apprentice from that TaiChi style.

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