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Visa in 2014! Sharing your own experience (Beijing)

Hello guys, I think I am the one who can also share some experience about Chinese visa issues. I have been living in China for the past 2 years - visa rules were changing couple of times.

In Protected content witnessed several scandals with foreigners that sometimes appeared on the first page of local newspapers, and since visa regulations have become tighter and tighter. We thought it would be impossible to get a visa to stay here.

But I was wrong and next year in Protected content preparing a new presents…..

Before summer Protected content foreigners including me were able to get yearly F business visa. With new changes in September Protected content been looking for solutions to get an equivalent of yearly business visa since F visa no longer existed.

Myself, I was contacting several Agencies that were able to provide short term Protected content solution before September Protected content . One of the solutions was in Harbin, and others in Shenzhen or Hong Kong. The last update was in the middle of December Protected content when my friend got stuck in Hong Kong for 2 weeks because the Agency sent his passport (Imagine!!!) to Philippines consulate which issued him 1 year business visa. And it is seems that he should be happy but every 90 days he needs to get out of China and then return which let’s say in a gentle way it was “mafan” or troublesome.

By the end of December Protected content , the options of Harbin and Shenzhen were no longer available.

Right now my company issued me a working 1 year visa which currently is the only way to enjoy a normal life in China (unless you leaving China every 3 months ). Still, for many companies in China, it’s not possible to issue working visas for foreign employees due to restrictions in capital injection amount: as an example, if you are working for a consulting company with 100,000 RMB registered capital, your company can issue a maximum of Protected content working visas for foreigners (or “aliens” as stated on the employment permit cover).

Thus, there are still many people looking for Z visa solutions in Beijing. Luckily, I can help foreigners getting Z visas and become legit in China because my friend’s company still has some frees spots to register foreign employees.

For those having troubles with visas – let me know and I will forward you more information about how to get a Z working visa in Protected content , once and for all.

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