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Which phone to choose.. (Beijing)

I want to buy a cell phone but I'm a bit confused what to buy...

Some suggested me to buy an iPhone 5 but first I am not a mac person, second I make lots of file transfer between my phone and my PC which runs on a window system, so it seems that I can't do that with an iPhone.

I will basically use it for the following:

a) make phone calls
b) send text messages
c) synchronize my calendar and tasks between my office PC and my phone.
d) Transfer files from PC to the phone, mainly office files...

So I need to have office and windows mobile on the phone..

aside from that I will also install skype and msn if possible...

I made some research and I found those 3 compatible with my needs.

1) HTC One X
2) Samsung Galaxy S III
3) Samsung Galaxy Note II

They're almost the same except that Samsung Note II has a bigger screen, has a pen it's a lot easier to use but a bit inconvenient to carry as a phone...

About the speed, I am not sure which one is faster, some told me that HTC is a lot faster than Samsung... so I don't know... I have a samsung G3, and lately I installed wechat, and it became really really slow.... I don't know if Samsung Galaxy S III will be the same...

Anybody can give me an advice which one to buy??

I appreciate it


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