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Wudaokou? Free Room in August? (Beijing)


Hi Guys!

· WHO? I'm a 24 year old catalan Girl, currently living in Barcelona, but I'm heading off to Beijing soon at the end of August. ANd basically that's the main reason of this post.

· WHEN? Arriving the 27th of August, in the morning.


I'm still wondering wether to first move into the Residence of the BLCU campus -as I'll be studying Chinese Language for two years time- or to jump into a shared flat as soon as a settle in. Actually, that was my first idea, and I decided to gather some information over "China/Beijing inicial language barriers". I looked into The Beijinger, The Koombah website as well -they charge for an entire month rent for the service, with which I personally don't deal.
I concluded that residence option might be easier for starters, but I was not thrilled at all about the idea. Any of the dorms over there convinced me at all.
So I found myself innerly seeking a room to start living in, and... here I am now. Let's give it a last chance?

Even I know there's still two months lefts until my arrival, there's lots of people coming and going upon summer time, and you never know, who looks for somethings ends up finding something.

I'd really appreciate any feedback on Residence/flat living.

Thanks very Much indeed for your time.

Here there's my email, in case you'd like to contact me for further details, as weel as my skype username.

·email: Protected content
·skype: andreallor

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