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Mathias Döringer
"Thanks to InterNations, I have now made some new friends, who taught me a lot about the expat experience in Maputo. "

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Are you an expat living in Beira? You will surely come across many questions, such as ʺWhat documents does the Mozambican aliens department require for a work permit?”, ʺAnd where can I find up-to-date information on local employment laws?ʺ, or ”What can other expats recommend for international attorneys in town?”

Looking for all of the information that is important for living and working in Beira can take you hours. However, by using our Beira expat guide you can greatly simplify your relocation to Beira. Beginning with local organisations and companies top tips about local organisations & companies - the guide deals with all the different facets of the expat life in Beira.

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  • Moving to Beira

    Mozambique is rich and plentiful natural resources are the envy of the region and as such, moving to Beira is becoming increasingly popular as the city's development speeds up. However, foreigners thinking of moving to Beira should keep in mind that Mozambique is still essentially a third world country and is likely to remain so for some time. Get to know more in our guide!
  • Living in Beira

    Mozambique's rich natural resources are making it one of the most interesting emerging economies in the world. Beira is the nation's second largest city, home to more than half a million people, while its busy port is regionally highly significant. Read more about Beira in our guide!
  • Working in Beira

    Beira's economy was dealt a heavy blow by the 2000 Mozambique flood, but the city is now getting back on its feet. The busy port provides a lot of opportunities for work, while the tourist sector is ripe for development in what remains an unusually beautiful city. Read more expat advice in our guide!

Information for the Expat Life in Beira

Are you looking for specific information, such as international schools in town or a doctor speaking your native language in Mozambique? On top of our expat guide, you will have access to our expat directory for Beira, which provides you with a complete catalogue of all expat-relevant locales and relocation services in Beira. Moreover, you also can take full advantage of our Beira expat forum in order to look for tips and information from your fellow expatriates.

Become part of InterNations Beira and you’ll be warmly greeted with a welcoming Olá from our expats living and working in Beira.

Mathias Döringer
"Thanks to InterNations, I have now made some new friends, who taught me a lot about the expat experience in Maputo. "

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