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1 Billion Rising on Feb 14th (Beirut)

Dear Internations friends,

Recently this has been going around my friends' FB statuses and pages. And I cannot help NOT to take notice and to be inspired to do my own share here in Lebanon. It is called the " 1 Billion Rising", a movement/revolution to raise awareness about Violence against Women and Girls, started by Eve Ensler ( of the Vagina Monologues)- and it is a world wide event taking place on Feb 14th, Thursday.

I have been feeling this nudge and prodding that I MUST do this. So I would like to ask your help and support in how I can organize this, along with you, in our communities here in Lebanon to raise awareness to stop VIOLENCE against WOMEN. We all know this exist everywhere, and Lebanon is not an exception.
What I would like to help with is to find enough committed people and venue/place (s) where we can hold our "Rising". I suggest that we dance for an hour- YES only an HOUR- to show our solidarity and collective strength. Dancing is self-healing and a way to transcend the pain, whatever that may be, mind body and spirit.

If this resonates with you, please email me @ Protected content - and see how we can collaborate on making this event in Lebanon. It need not cost money- we only need to raise awareness, NOT funds. We can even do a flashmob at the mall if it comes to that . However I would be so glad if we can contribute to a worldwide revolution.

1 Billion Rising has media and promotional materials if we need it. Here is their website:

Protected content

I realize the time is coming up (Feb 14th) , so whatever we can come up with as a group, I would greatly appreciate it, and appreciate YOU!

I welcome your thoughts and ideas.
It is time!

Love and gratitude,

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