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3 weeks left here - anyone need any low-paid work? (Beirut)

Hi all,

I'm currently working at the Ksara vineyard to see how it all works and most importantly, to have a chance to practice my Arabic. Sadly there is absolutely no work to do here - I spend all day watching Syrian workers pick grapes and am not allowed to help out. Frankly, even though I'm speaking quite a bit here I can't simply sit around all day. The plan is then to so some studying at Saifi and so I am looking to find any work - from manual labour to bar work, that will help to offset the cost of this unexpected need to pay for tutoring. I have experience in a lot of fields and am a 2nd lieutenant in the British army so am fairly practical and reasonably disciplined. I also speak fluent French, good Arabic and can manage ok with German and Spanish. If this would interest anyone - particularly around Ashrafieh then do please get in touch.
Many thanks,

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