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Avoid CIGNA health insurance, serious concerns (Beirut)

Hi, I was looking for international health insurance in November, and saw that CIGNA was advertised on InterNations. After some research, I took a pricey and extensive coverage with CIGNA .
One month later, I am shocked and disappointed that an international company like CIGNA is practically unreachable despite its 24/7 helpline and customer service email.
Any email is replied to on average 8 days late, and the replies do not even correspond to the question. Prior approval to any outpatient service is however required. But how do you get approval if no-one answers? When I call, the customer service persons cannot either hear me, or they say they will call back and then email saying they could not get through. Despite my emails and requests for someone to call and email me, no-one until today, has got back to me to actually respond appropriately to my question. It also took them 3 weeks to give me a valid code to get into my policy details online, despite several emails.

I am concered if something urgent happens and CIGNA does not reply to any requests. So I would warn anyone from taking insurance with CIGNA, as it is the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with.

Why has InterNations partnered with this company, as there is no special price even for members?

Thank you

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