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Christmas in Beirut

Hi altogether,

I´m new to Internations and i have some questions, which I hope someone can answer me or help me somehow.
My boyfriend is lebanese and we are planning on taking our relationship to the next level, so I decided to come in mid of December to stay for 4 weeks. When it works out as good as it did the times before, I´ll be moving to Lebanon mid of next year entirely.
So, in these four weeks I´d like to meet some expats and everybody who is interested in meeting up. First of all I would like to get in touch with other people, that have maybe taken the same steps already and find out about their experiences and second of course, to learn more about lebanese culture and the language, find new friends and get to know interesting, cheerful people in general.

So is there anybody who can help me and/or wants to meet up in December/January? Are there any get togethers around that time I could join?

And as my boyfriend will be working most of the time, at best I´d like to have some kind of occupation, too. Nothing paid, just something to get a feeling of a every-day-bustle. Doesn´t matter if it is an arabic course or helping out in an office or any voluntary work, I would just like to get a glimpse of everyday life. I put a short cv on my profile, so if you have any suggestions or tips, also not related to what´s on my cv, please feel utterly free to contact me!

Wow, this has gotten much already. Anyway, I´m looking forward to meeting some of you hopefully, when I´m in Beirut in the end of the year. I´ve been told christmas is wonderful in Beirut, right?


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