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"Help Portrait" Photography for Charity (Beirut)

"Help Portrait" global community organizes its yearly event on 4 Dec Protected content .
Please watch the video, I couldn't say it any better:
Protected content

Who can participate? Anyone
Do you need to have a camera? No. I know a lot of you have good cameras, and we need you with your camera, but if you don't have a camera, you can still help with a lot of stuff and we can make it happen together.

FROM: December 4th, Protected content am
Meeting Point: Lebanon - Beirut - Gemmayze Street

Here's the plan:
- I will be bringing bread, blankets, juice, picon, chocolate.
- I also have some old clothes that me or my friends do not need. (if anyone can contribute, that would be great)
-I am also bringing my 5 canon lenses and flash, (without my canon camera since canon didn't deliver it yet). If you have a canon camera, this might be your ONE chance where you can use my gear :P. (Please bring your camera and gear with you, in case you want to help in shooting people)
- We all know the homeless guy who lives on his own in gemmayze.. there are a lot of beggars in the street as well. I don't have any preference on anywhere we go, but I'm just trying to prepare.
- I also made contact with two orphanages, they showed interest, but I am expecting a confirmation.
We can offer to take their picture. Again, we don't take their picture for us.. we just take it for the needy, print it, and to deliver it.
- We can deliver along the way, hopes and dreams, some of the stuff that I have ready and kickoff christmas season for these people

We have people but are also looking for more who can fill the following positions:
- Photogtaphers: (we need to make the person feel like star)
- Make up artists: i really hope we can do make up for some of the kids we shooting..
- Logistics: Someone to manage what we have(just 1 person)
- Print: A person who can go, print the shot, and come back with it.
- Someone with a HandyCam for video footage.

Cost: No costs involved. Just please show up.
Confirmations: Please confirm that you are coming by private message.
Sorry for the long message.

Looking forward for your support...
Please let me know if you can participate...

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