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Internship (Beirut)

Hi --

I have applied to various internships in Beirut. I haven't heard back or had any confirmations from anyone yet, so I thought I would try out this forum.

I am currently the Director of Girls and Women Programming at The Belinda Stronach Foundation (TBSF) in Toronto, Canada with my main responsibilities in organizing the second G(irls)20 Summit in Paris, France this year ( Protected content ).

I am also working on my Masters in Human Security and Peacebuilding at the School of Peace and Conflict Management at Royal Roads University.

In May Protected content , I am required to take an entry-level position or an internship abroad for a minimum of six months in zones of potential conflict or areas where internal or intrastate conflicts has occurred. While it will sadden me to leave TBSF next year, I know that what I am learning while managing the G(irls)20 Summit will contribute many valuable insights in future opportunities. In terms of human security, I am particularly interested in political security and economic security.

Upon much self-reflection, research, and past travels to the Middle East, I am very much interested in searching career opportunities in Lebanon.

From my travels to Beirut and small towns near Tyre last year in both a professional and personal capacity, Lebanon is of great interest to me. I am fascinated by this country for its local people, the complex history, diversity, confessional representation in government, economic potential and its unstable coexistence. I am learning many theories in humanitarian intervention, sustainable security, social reconstruction and conflict management through classwork and hope to have the opportunity to put what I learn into practice.

I'd like to focus on a project on economic or political insecurity through empowerment, research, or training in an internship. However, I am there to help with whatever is needed including the nitty gritty!

If any of you here know of anyone I can contact, it would be greatly appreciated!

Happy holidays!

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