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Lebanon announced new government (Beirut)

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Finally, the politicians announced a new government, hopefully bringing the 1.5-year political deadlock to an end. When you are in the thick of it, politics seems like a lot of really important work. But when you look at it from the outside, you just cannot see if meetings and talks produce any tangible benefit!

Yes, there is a particular significance to what they are doing working out an agreement which would form the basis of the country's future for years to come and perhaps provide some stability. However, the significance remains only insofar as the politicians actually really do it for the citizens, and not for their own benefits and portfolios!

But yesterday's editorial in the Daily Star hits the bulls eye: "In recent weeks... [the country's political leaders] have gone on record demanding this or that post or insisting on a minimum number of ministers, but none of them has given any indication whatsoever about what they might do with those portfolios."

Somehow, I don't have much hope.
What are your views on what is to come?

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